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Helping Leaders And Teams Be More Connected So Everyone Is More Engaged, Effective, And Happy!

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Feeling Burned out from Virtual Meetings?

Check out the free Manager's Guide to Zoom Burnout and make your virtual meetings more engaging, intentional, connected, and even fun.

Want Your Team To Be More Connected?

The Catalyst Cradle’s Covalent Bonding Experience is an integration of Leadership and Business Coaching along with Improv Comedy. Handle your team’s cultural needs combined with playful games, warm-up exercises, and fun and valuable interaction. 

More Engaged Teams

With CONNECTION as the key, our teams and their members are more engaged in achieving goals and successes in the company mission. 

Increased Effectiveness

If our teams are engaged, we will be more effective in company impact and generating revenue. 

Happier Employees

Don't you want happy employees? But seriously, if we are CONNECTED, ENGAGED, and EFFECTIVE, we will be HAPPY. Rinse and Repeat. 

Josh Kline

Connected Teams Are More Effective Teams

There is a lot in life we can't control. Regardless of how hard the challenge is, none of us have to do it alone. Being connected is a choice. Starting with increasing the CONNECTION amongst team members, this allows for increased EFFECTIVENESS, ENGAGEMENT, and HAPPINESS. You can't win a championship with just good players. They have to play together at a level better than everyone else. Next level team connection is what we specialize in here. 

Josh Kline