The Catalyst Cradle was founded by Josh Kline in 2016 to support organizations and individuals on achieving their goals and ultimate successes. Josh is an Associate Certified Coach under the International Coaching Federation. He is a husband and father of 2 girls.


The Catalyst Cradle works with teams and leaders to build the OWNERSHIP, COMMUNICATION, AND TRUST needed to shift the overall culture of your organization's environment.

  • What is your company’s VISION?
  • What is your MISSION?
  • Are your employees enrolled in your mission and vision?

We can deliver a company culture where people are motivated, excited, and inspired to show up every day, ready to take massive RESPONSIBILITY and ACTION towards achieving personal and company success. This decreases employee turnover and increases the bottom line.

1 on 1

The 1 on 1 program is designed to help you identify what’s missing in your life and give you the tools to take RESPONSIBILITY and ACTION in finding it. Our programs will help you cut through the clutter of daily life and help you focus on finding your own fulfillment.

Are you an Entrepreneur? We work with you to clarify your business goals, set deadlines, and take the action you need to get your business up and running and bring it to the next level.

How are your relationships, not only with others, but with yourself? With the Catalyst Cradle, you will rediscover and maintain AUTHENTICITY, CONNECTION, AND POWER.

Dad Group

Are you a DAD looking to step your game up in one or many aspects of your life?

  • How is your Career or Business going?
  • How is your Health and Wellness?
  • How are your Personal Life and Relationships going?

Working with us as well as other dads in the Dadalyst Group will reinvent how you show up everywhere and for everyone.


“Josh helped me in an number of ways: from recognizing my patterns that were unhelpful in creating the change I wanted in my life to establishing goals and routines that put me on the path to success. He also held me accountable for the goals that I regularly set by providing me with a variety of tools as well as encouragement. I now have a better understanding of how my thoughts affect my actions, and now I am living the life I want.” - Ryan P. – College Professor and Bilingualism Consultant
“Working with Josh was a real treat. A lot of people might think of coaching as a waste of time or a useless exercise, as I once did, but Josh helped me open my eyes to a bigger picture on gaining control over my life and the relationships I have in it. Josh is funny, relaxed, and very easy going, making the overall experience that much better for me. He is also great at holding me to deadlines and pushing me to be in charge of my own life. I have become a better manager, have better relationships with everyone in general, and honestly have a better love life because of him. I would recommend working with Josh to anyone who wants to see what they are fully capable of.” - Joe B. – Video Producer and Independent Filmmaker
“I received the perfect combo of being heard and receiving advice. I truly appreciated the non-judgmental atmosphere. You can tell by their responses and suggestions that they’re truly listening and care, and that they want clients to get the most out of each session” - Aly B., Legal Recruiter, Philadelphia PA.
“I without hesitation endorse this service to anyone. If you’re reading this and you’re sensing that you can get more out of life, but need a little support, I strongly suggest you give them a call today.” - Corey S., Digital Producer, New York NY.
“Working with Josh was amazing! He held me accountable, objectively supported me with all my endeavors and only spoke to my greatness. He created a space for me to bring integrity to all areas of my life (i.e. work, romantic relationships, health/well-being, etc.) Even to this day I can hear him in my head saying, “Bring the BEING” and the actions and circumstances will align accordingly. Josh creates a safe, loving and intentional environment for growth/progress and he does not step over what needs to be said in the moment. I would recommend him to anyone!” Pierre L. Bankruptcy Consultant, Fitness/Mindset Coach, Podcaster
“As an architect I appreciate understanding through imagery. Knowing this, Josh used verbal imagery with me to promote a better, personal understanding. The value I got from our sessions was clarity; helping me sort out all the seemingly jumbled factors in life into a clear picture, and, more importantly, helping to realize a renewed motivation to forge forward on a personal journey. Anyone who wants to move forward in business or life, who feels ‘stuck’, will absolutely benefit from this.” - Mike S., Architect, Cedar Grove NJ.

Josh Kline, ACC

Founder and Chief Catalyst